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Detox week with horses in Germany

Discover your true Well Being...

Detox and Horse Riding

Detoxing for a week or two is challenging...but definately possible. Made easier in a group and accompanied by professional help this detox week we offer is unique because its the only retreat in Germany to offer detoxing with riding.
The week gets underway mornings with gentle exercise a homemade smoothie, a meditation minute afterwhich its off to the stables to saddle up, hack out through the beautiful countryside north Germany. Afternoons after putting your four legged friend out to graze you're ready for a afternoon nap...within a day the body starts to restore its natural balance by flushing out fabricated and unnatural toxins that live within us made by our consumption of - saturated foods - sugar - alcohol.
Evenings after a homemade broth we offer talks, discussions, evening strolls through the village. As a horse lover and as a health conscious person, this detox week is a must......

From 815,- EUR

Corporate day - training with horses

Learn leadership skills through horse management

Corporate training with horses in Germany In cooperation with horses, your staff can gain new leadership qualities from horse leadership seminars in Germany making your company more profitable. 1-3 day seminars are offered at our equestrian centre with professional staff on hand to provide a unique style of leadership training. Please note, no horse experience is necessary you are not required to horse ride. ...

Prices on request

Cross-country training in Lower Saxony, Germany

Test your tempo, distances, endurance on Schulze´s cross country course

cross country course in germany

Beginning with an introductory chat with experienced cross-country trainer Johann-Bernd Schulze, here you´ll have the opportunity to tell us your level and express your personal wishes allowing us to create an individual program ...

From 615,- EUR

Winter Riding Week in Germany

Romantic, fairytale week with hacks and lessons from 27.12.2020 - 02.01.2021

Enjoy this unquie winterbreak in the countryside - a winter holiday programme full of surprises. A riding week for adults starting on the 27th December with like minded horse / countryside lovers. Walkers are similarly welcome.
A hours drive south of Hamburg, this insider tip is nestled deep in Kaiser Wilhelms forests, we offer daily hacks, hot homemade soups and a sauna to relax in, afterwards a hot toddy beside the fire.....a place to unwind around similarly minded nature lovers. If we are ticking boxes..  then this retreat is worth going off piste for.
When interesetd ring Louise on 00 49 5858 786, our programm has something for everybody ... 

From 499,- EUR

Winter Riding Retreat

Available from November to April

Take a weekend off and leave all those worries behind, short but effectful, a weekend riders paradise. Relax in the saddle on well bred warm bloods, in the arena for lessons, as a more experienced hacking in the forests. Tranquility is written big here, offering great nature, great wildlife, great food, great accomodation and of course great horses.
A weekend full of activity and ambience. Its worth the effort discovering this riding retreat.

From 299,- EUR



Adult Riding week
Mai  2018

Adventure Week (Ü25)
Detox Riding Week
Parelli Workshop

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99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive (EN)

99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive Pferdeschulze equestrian centre has been selected as one of Hamburgs "99 best places to visit". This sport destination award is an immense achievem...

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Detox and Riding/Walking Holidays

The first of its kind..unique to our centre - Detox and riding holiday

Discover yourself whilst detoxing

Detox and Horse Riding

A healthy way to stay fit with horses, detoxing is not only about going hungry, but much more. A chance to rid the body of excess toxins whilst e...

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Winter Holiday

A Fairytale winter holiday

Romantic holiday full of surprises

Wintermärchen in WietzetzeEnjoy this unquie winterbreak in the countryside - a holiday full of surprises with similar minded holidaymakers searching for a stress free holida...

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