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29456 Hitzacker
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Wietzetze - Hitzacker - Wendland - Elbe

Relax and regenerate in one of the lovliest stretches of landscape far away from the bustle of city life.

Hitzacker ElbeIdeal for holidays on bike, hiking, and horse back. Here, relaxation is on top of the agenda.Lüneburger Heide Hitzacker offers a archerological excavation site together with a bronze age open-air museum.

Also a spa town, holidaying in Hitzacker is a perfect place to unwind and leave all your cares behind. Here you will experience unique untouched nature along the Elbe Flatlands.

Hitacker invites you to discover varied wildlife and plants, a real insider tip for nature lovers and those aspiring to be.

The Elberadweg runs alongside Hitzacker and is one of the loveliest and most varied long distance cycling routes in Europe. Gentle slopes makes for relaxed cycling.

rounded villages in germanyLower Saxony is especially renowned for its "round" villages especially our region.They attract visitors from all over the world. "Rundling" village was built by the Slavs and comprises of circually built farmsteads. Thier distinctive marks are the imposing windows facing the village green together with coloured timberframwork.  From above the village resembles a bikes spokes.



Adult Riding week
Mai  2018

Adventure Week (Ü25)
Detox Riding Week
Parelli Workshop

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99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive (EN)

99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive Pferdeschulze equestrian centre has been selected as one of Hamburgs "99 best places to visit". This sport destination award is an immense achievem...

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Detox and Riding/Walking Holidays

The first of its kind..unique to our centre - Detox and riding holiday

Discover yourself whilst detoxing

Detox and Horse Riding

A healthy way to stay fit with horses, detoxing is not only about going hungry, but much more. A chance to rid the body of excess toxins whilst e...

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Winter Holiday

A Fairytale winter holiday

Romantic holiday full of surprises

Wintermärchen in WietzetzeEnjoy this unquie winterbreak in the countryside - a holiday full of surprises with similar minded holidaymakers searching for a stress free holida...

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