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Adult Riding week
Mai  2018

Adventure Week (Ü25)
Detox Riding Week
Parelli Workshop

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99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive (EN)

99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive Pferdeschulze equestrian centre has been selected as one of Hamburgs "99 best places to visit". This sport destination award is an immense achievem...

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Detox and Riding/Walking Holidays

The first of its kind..unique to our centre - Detox and riding holiday

Discover yourself whilst detoxing

Detox and Horse Riding

A healthy way to stay fit with horses, detoxing is not only about going hungry, but much more. A chance to rid the body of excess toxins whilst e...

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Winter Holiday

A Fairytale winter holiday

Romantic holiday full of surprises

Wintermärchen in WietzetzeEnjoy this unquie winterbreak in the countryside - a holiday full of surprises with similar minded holidaymakers searching for a stress free holida...

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