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Latest News at Pferdeschulze

Growth at best riding holiday destination abroad in Germany

2018 sees an increased horse herd, new to the team ... a tinker, a french coldblood, a Haflinger and a Sporthorse have all interegrated well into the Pferdeschulze herd. Our thanks go to all the school horses, may our four legged friends remain fit and healthy. Also new at the stables, the outdoor pen has been enlarged to include the entire pond area. This years harvest and with Georg´s non ailing help AND without a drop of rain, has produced excellent hay.

Expansion at Landhotel Hitzacker

Landhotel HitzackerThe breakfast buffet at Landhotel has had a face lift with new design, more quality and more delectable eats on offer. The first and second landings have new carpenting, farewell to the beautiful wooden flooring but the sound level has dematically been reduced. The double bunkbedded room for younsters has been transformed into aspacious family room. In keeping with the horse loving theme, the walls have been left untouched. We hope you, our loyal guests as those who will become will feel more comfortable through these changes.

Elbdorado: a new Burgerbar - on the River Elbe

Max Johann Schulze „Elbdorado“ - a true gem of a destination has taken off this summer with Max Johann Schulze at the helm. A beautiful spot, near the beach with outstanding views of the river Elbe, this burgerbar sets the standard for a good eating bar.
Enjoy the tranquility on the terrace overlooking the 5 wooden horse pens, where the horses can rest while you eat, drink and chill out.
Unwind with Max and his team at Elbdorado. With homemade and regional produce naturally being the norm for this small and satisfying menu, from Italian to Big Max burger, delicious self made cakes and gateau together with chilled drinks, do yourself a favour and enjoy a break, you won´t be disappointed.

Many of our guests drive, ride or walk here.

New winds at the Equestrian centre

Hannah Louise Schulze manages the stables since her return from Nambia where she spent a year working as head groom at a renowned equestrain lodge. This experience and her life long participation with horses and equine management have developed into a passionate career. With horses it´s never boring and Hannah is definately on the right road to becoming a respected and very talented young trainer. Certainly the feedback from our guests indicate her ability is growing from strength to strength. Lessons from Hannah whether show jumpung or indoor work are qualitive, intense and professional. Congratulations to your equine management exam results, now a fully qualified head groom.
Lisa Rhyian Schulze, still at school, is travelling/working her was from the east to west coast USA. Her intentions are still unclear careerwise but Lisa is an all round talent, her aptness to lend a hand in both equine or hotel departments is impressive and we look forward to new waves of development in Wietzetze .

Our Specials

Detox and Riding

Nr.1 sport and health holiday at our retreat by Hamburg

Fasten und Reiten

Discover the true well being feeling whilst you fast

Detox and Horse Riding

Detoxing is not only about going hungry, but much more, it's all about a healthy diet and finding the right balance for you. Our unique fasting and horse riding holidays (anno 2007) aim to  restore a feeling of health, happiness and contentment whilst expelling all the toxins from your body. Absolute beginners who wish to satisfy their longing for an equestrian experience are equally welcome. Detoxing is about expelling toxins from rest........

ab 775,- EUR


A winterfairytale holiday in Germany

Winter wonderland: romantic,dreamlike, full of surprises

vom 27.12.2018 bis 02.01.2019

Wintermärchen in WietzetzeEnjoy this unquie winterbreak in the countryside - a holiday full of surprises. A set week starting on the 27th Dec.with similar minded holidaymakers searching for a stress free holiday, a place to unwind at one´s own pace. Our programm has something for everybody. As rider you spend your day in the saddle, as walker join our daily 2-3 hours hikes to interesting destinations, afterwards relax in the sauna, enjoy a hot toddie (calvados with apple juice or mulled wine to name just a few) by the fireplace. Leave all your .......winter holiday in germany


Adult Riding week
Mai  2018

Adventure Week (Ü25)
Detox Riding Week
Parelli Workshop

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99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive (EN)

99 Lieblingsplätze für Aktive Pferdeschulze equestrian centre has been selected as one of Hamburgs "99 best places to visit". This sport destination award is an immense achievem...

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Detox and Riding/Walking Holidays

The first of its kind..unique to our centre - Detox and riding holiday

Discover yourself whilst detoxing

Detox and Horse Riding

A healthy way to stay fit with horses, detoxing is not only about going hungry, but much more. A chance to rid the body of excess toxins whilst e...

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Winter Holiday

A Fairytale winter holiday

Romantic holiday full of surprises

Wintermärchen in WietzetzeEnjoy this unquie winterbreak in the countryside - a holiday full of surprises with similar minded holidaymakers searching for a stress free holida...

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