Landesstr. 8
29456 Hitzacker
Tel: 05858 786
Fax: 05858 362

Getting Here 

Travelling by train

Hamburg is our closest airport. 
A mini-bus transfer from the airport direct to the hotel is available on request.
However it's not that difficult to navigate your way through hamburg to us, below is an insight into how you can continue your journey:
From the airport you will need to follow the signs for the S-Bahn (underground). You will get your ticket from the HVV ticket machine just before you get onto the platform. 
The ticket you want is a single "Ganzen Bereich Hamburg" for the price of 8,70 EUR. 

Take the S-Bahn from the airport to Hamburg HBF (main station) where you change to the metronome train for Lueneburg (usually on platform 11,12 or 13 and runs hourly). 
When you arrive at Lueneburg, on the opposite side you will find the station "Westseite". Our train leaves Lueneburg at 11:40, 14:40, 17:40 and 20:40 for Dannenberg. You want the train going to Dannenberg and your stop is "Leitstade" the stop just after "Goehrde". 
We offer a free transfer from Leitstade to the hotel. 

You can get tickets here:

Travelling by car

If you're coming from Hamburg airport, once you exit the airport get in lane for Hannover A7 - keep going straight ahead until you veer off right towards the motorway A7 towards Hannover. 

After around 30 minutes on the motorway there will be signs for Lueneburg (be careful there are four lanes leaving the motorway but only two of them are for Lueneburg). Continue on the dual carriageway towards Lueneburg. Around Lueneburg you should watch your speed (stay on 80kmph or less, there are speed cameras). 

Then turn off at the sign for Danneburg (right and right again) and keep going. You will come through lots of small villages - Barendorf, Bavendorf and then leaving Dahlenburg on your right and carrying on for 4 kilometers and then turn left towards Neu Darchau (and signs for the Elbe Fahre). Turn right at the junction and keep going. Go down hill and turn right at the next junction. Come into Neu Darchau and turn right at the sign for Hitzacker and Hotel Pferdeschulze sign. Continue until you come through Wietzetze (in 7km) and the hotel is on the right, Landhotel Hitzacker. 

If you have a Navigation System our address is: 

Landhotel Hitzacker
Landestrasse 8
29456 Hitzacker/ Wietzetze

The village is small, you can't miss us! 

Travelling by boat/ferry

Get the Ferry from Calais to Ostend or from Hull or Harwich to Rotterdam.


Adult Riding week
Mai  2018

Adventure Week (Ü25)
Detox Riding Week
Parelli Workshop

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